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Founded in 1996, Colorado-based Clear Merchant Services is one of the fastest-growing credit card merchant account acquires in the nation. We've been highly recommended and reviewed on all of the top websites that are related to merchant accounts including this website, here, over here and on here. All of them have given us the highest ratings for credit card processors! We've quickly become a leader in the business by providing innovative and cost-effective solutions to merchants who accept credit cards. Our customers include retail storefronts, restaurants, hotels, wireless terminal merchants, mail order/telephone order businesses, service-oriented businesses, home-based businesses and Internet-based virtual storefronts.

We work with a wide range of POS terminal equipment and software providers as well as the largest credit card processors and banks in the United States to provide you with the hardware, software and services that best meet your needs for fast, accurate credit card processing.

To learn more about Clear Merchant Services or to establish a merchant account contact us!.

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